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I was born sometime in 2006 into the custody of Eric Carver. His job was (and is) to showcase my presence worldwide to the full extent of his ability. So far he is on track, but does needs to step his game way up for what’s coming next. You see, I am here to showcase a new kind of Luvv – that between the Sperm and the Egg. I know you humans think you Luvv each other, and naturally assume your little spermies and egglets do the same. But you WRONG! My brothers and I have been watching the goings-on of earth for quite some time and have noticed a trend more towards war than peace, and we suspect that begins with the battle that occurs during reproduction. Well, the times they are a changin’ and I am here to lead the way. In order to manifest my being in a form that all people can understand, I picked a scene from my favorite movie and told Eric “Do That!” The movie is “The Man Who Came to Dinner”, and the scene is the now famous one where the character “Banjo” bursts into the room and swoops up the unsuspecting nurse for some high-level fun-luvvin’. If you watch the interaction between the two with your heart and not your eyes, you can actually see me in Banjo! And the nurse? Well, look deep and you can know her as the egg! Here, take a look at the scene with this new focus and see if you can feel it:


Like most great ideas I came to Eric, he did not “think me up”. My first assignment was lifting and upgrading Medical Electronic Systems ( starting with their company logo. MES is Eric’s “day job” where he serves as the Director of Sales and Marketing. They manufacture and sell a line of Automated Sperm Quality Analyzers to Hospitals, Sperm Banks, and Fertility Centers. When a couple is unable to achieve a pregnancy and the man gets his "Sperm Checked", there is a good chance that "Check" is happening on one of their analyzers. MES as a company had no identity, no flair, and there was nothing memorable about it. A company that disappears into a vacuum with other huge companies is going to have trouble selling their products and achieving greatness. That’s where I came in! I saw this as a brilliant opportunity to re-build the company, and add the sorely missing Spirit to the equation. I combined myself with the old MES logo and BANG! The key was turned, the door was opened and a whole new line of energy came rushing in! Eric figured that a fun logo would make people laugh and, more importantly, remember Medical Electronic Systems – and it did. What he did not count on was my true destiny as a dynamic living symbol that embodies all things wonderful.  Take a look at me with MES below - can you feel it?

To this day my work at MES is going quite well. In fact, I started to get a bit restless and felt the need to expand… So, I decided to start a new company – The World of Welcome (aka Welcome Clothing)!  You are probably wondering how I transitioned from the medical industry to the clothing industry. Well, being the awesome Sperm that I am, I handled it with grace and focus. I didn’t want to scare Eric with too much speed (he is a little jumpy) so I decided to handle things in a progressive fashion through MES. I started by printing up 1 single shirt for Eric to spontaneously wear at a meeting with the MES brass. Of course they Luvved me and instantly implemented a company-wide branding campaign featuring my beautiful self!

As I began working my way through MES, something very predictable started happening. Their distributors worldwide started asking about the logo. In Europe, Japan, South America, Mexico, Russia, and the Middle East, they were requesting permission to use me in their marketing materials. The smart ones considered it essential. I know the difference between someone who can "take it or leave it" and someone that is hooked on greatness and this was a clear case of the latter.


Fast forward a few months and MES is starting to roll. I have everything under control and decide it’s time to push the next step in the journey. I had Eric start wearing embroidered polo shirts (with me on them) to all his business meetings. The first demo he did at Sheppard Air Force Base Medical Center inspired him to start World of Welcome to market ME to the world directly and separately from MES. (More on that adventure from Eric’s perspective HERE).

With that meeting, the World of Welcome begins and my life takes on a whole new dynamic. Eric is still working his day job at MES where I am now an international celebrity. At some point in there I even had Eric develop a tag line for MES that would embody my spirit: “Remember, it all Started with a Sperm!” This phrase brings out more truth than I care to get into here, but rest assured it has the power to jolt the consciousness into action.

Now that the decision had been made to start the World of Welcome the first order of business was a new logo. I wanted my form to be taken to a whole new level, and also wanted the egg included since I luvv her so passionately. I watched patiently for a few weeks as Eric stumbled around with different design ideas, but nothing really hit it to me. I can’t blame him – this was a massive undertaking that went somewhat beyond his capacity. That’s when I asked Eric’s consultant Henry Conyers to step in with some direction. He graciously delivered the advice that changed the logo for good. With his guidance my World of Welcome logo was finally BORNE. Go Henry! Here are some of Eric’s first drafts that didn’t “make the cut”. You can see that they aren’t bad, but didn’t fully hit it on all levels like the final product did:



Eric and I have been learning more and more about the excellence of my Welcome/Egg symbol ever since. The vision is inclusive of every aspect of Eric’s work at both companies and the juice behind it just continues to grow and grow. In truth it is difficult for even me to grasp the larger view of my own destiny - let alone Eric’s. Even when we grasp parts of it, putting it into words tends to prove difficult. I am very much on a roller coaster that I have no control over and I feel my duty is learning how to hold on.


Now that you know my story, you can take the ride with Eric and I! Together we are building multiple businesses, changing hearts and purifying the entire reproductive process on the planet. It is a tall order without question, and somewhat abstract in concept, but it is the truth none the less. When you purchase a World of Welcome or MES product my essence is included and you are signing up for the new. A new way of seeing the world, a new way to live your life, and a new tool that can be used profitably in all situations and at all times. Until we meet in person, put me in your heart and I will put you in mine – pure romance!


Lastly I want to acknowledge the true source of all the direction and advice that led to my manifestation in the world and the source of 99.9% of the inspiration, luvv, vision, correction, truth and learning in this project: Henry Conyers. The vision and fuel come from him and all excellence obtained by the World of Welcome, MES and all other future adventures stand as an acknowledgement and appreciation for the work he has done in this world, with me and with Eric.


-Welcome (3/31/12)