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The Early Days of Welcome Clothing Hollywood | Current Then & Current Now

This is a fun post for me.  26 months ago we signed a 5 year lease on Melrose Ave. (expensive) and we are still here, still doing business, while much of Melrose has folded around us during the economic struggle.  As I write this I know Welcome Clothing will work, will make a profit and will change the industry.  I rediscovered some fun pictures taken within a few days of signing the lease in 2007; they show myself (owner), Clayton (business manager) and Rachel (Welcome Woman).  Enjoy!

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For your viewing pleasure, Welcome Clothing's Fall 2009 Project: CITY WORLD

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New Welcome Clothing Products: Protect Yourself at All Times (Tyson) | Baracky (Obama) | Black Bomb 2009

For September 2009, Welcome Clothing Hollywood brings you three hot new t-shirt designs (two color ways each) ALL close to our hearts:  "Protect Yourself at All Times" a shirt inspired by the great Mike Tyson and the truth of the statement; "Black Bomb 2009" a re-release from 2008 with some slight updates still stands as one of my all time favorite t-shirts made by Welcome Clothing; and "Baracky";  More than ever times call for courage and spirit in the face of great change.  Guts, Guts, and more Guts is what I feel in Barack Obama (as I did in Rocky Balboa) as he faces the world.  So, we put them both on a t-shirt together to double up the symbol!  Click pictures for more info:

PROTECT YOURSELF AT ALL TIMESThe Iron Mike Tyson inspired t-shirt for fighters and adventurers. Mike Tyson Tee Shirt Protect Yourself At All TimesMike Tyson Tee Shirt Protect Yourself At All Times
© Welcome Clothing Hollywood 2009

BLACK BOMB 2009:  A shirt that puts a powerful symbol on your chest (updated from the popular 2008 version). 
Black Bomb t-shirt Welcome Clothing Black Bomb t-shirt Welcome Clothing
© Welcome Clothing Hollywood 2009

BARACKY:  A man with Rocky Balboa size heart in a time of great change.  Wear this tee proud - yes we can!
Baracky Barocky Barack Obama t-shirt Baracky Barocky Barack Obama t-shirt
© Welcome Clothing Hollywood 2009

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JAMIE FOXX Sporting Welcome Clothing Custom Shirts at the 2009 BET Music Awards

This project was a GREAT test for Welcome Clothing Hollywood.  The day after Michael Jackson's passing, Jamie Foxx's fashion coordinator arrived at the Melrose shop with a list in hand - she needed 6 MJ shirts ASAP for Jamie Foxx to wear at the BET Music Awards (which had been converted to a Michael Jackson tribute show).  The show was in 2 days.  We turned around all 6 in less than 12 hours.  The designs included the Bad album cover, Thriller album cover, "Eddy are OK" theme shirt, and more (all created by expert designer Clayton Garrett).  The next day 7 more were needed, including one very specific design for the OPENING ACT of the show!  I took great personal pride in designing all 7 shirts including the opening act "Beat It Shirt".  Not only did I get to make shirts for Jamie Foxx, of whom I am a fan, but I also had the opportunity to really test my graphic design skills since the only "guidance" provided by the customer for the Opening Act "Beat It" shirt was a 200 Pixel JPEG (pictured below).  Furthermore the picture only showed 1/2 the shirt...  Customer: "We need that shirt" Me: "No Problem".  I made the shirt in a few hours, printed it, and delivered it as requested.

Two Welcome Clothing Hollywood custom shirts made it into the 2009 BET Music Awards that weekend (the opening act Beat It shirt and a BAD album cover shirt).  Between the two, Welcome Clothing Customs were represented for over 20 minutes of "On Air" time at the converted Michael Jackson tribute.  Here are some pictures below (check the gallery section for more).  One last interesting note: Jamie Foxx and I have the same birthday (December 13th) and the same first name (Eric).  Sometimes the greater flow of life REALLY makes itself known to you :)


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World of Welcome Rebirth

Welcome Clothing Hollywood | WORLD OF WELCOME

Welcome Clothing Hollywood presents the REBIRTH of our World of Welcome design.  This was the second design ever developed by Welcome Clothing and we are honored to offer this limited edition re-print as a celebration of the companies recent success.  The World of Welcome design was inspired by the Welcome Egg design.  With that design it shares our happy sperm mascot WELCOME strutting his stuff!  This time he lives in the world - expanding and changing the "happy sperm" idea.  The world is supper bright glitter (blue/green) and will pull LOTS of attention.  The men's shirts are heavyweight ring spun cotton (extra soft) and the women's designs are form fitting with contrast sleeves and a super soft feel.  4 colors/patterns of each available (S-XXL).

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Custom T-Shirt are now available as a walk in service on Melrose Ave. at Welcome Clothing Hollywood.  Bring in your idea and we will put it on a shirt or other garment while you grab lunch.  From 1 shirt to 1,000 we can handle it for you.  No setup fees, No minimums and unlimited design options.  Have ideas for your own clothing line?  We can work side by side with you in store to develop your concept - cheap and FAST.  The process is simple and the options are many:

+  Stop by the store with an idea.  If you have the idea already made that's even better.  High resolution images can be turned into products in less than 1 hour.  The store address is WELCOME CLOTHING 7308 Melrose Ave. Hollywood, CA. 90046.

+ If you are not local, e-mail your image to  If the image is to large, please send us an e-mail for FTP information.  We will review the image and respond in 24 hours or less.

+ We will show you a mockup of your concept.  If you approve it and we print the garment.  We can ship it to you, or you can pick it up at the store.

+ Larger orders (over 20 units) should be discussed with a Welcome team member in person or by phone so we can get you the best possible price and meet your design requirements exactly.

+ Give us a shot and you will be thrilled.  We are open to ANY and ALL opportunities.

+ Check out VJ Michael Benz after receiving his first CUSTOM Welcome Clothing Hollywood Tee:

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A Day the World Changed

January 20th started like most days this year; I woke up, got ready for work, and searched for a fresh outfit. I had the DVR fired up to record the Presidential Inauguration of Barack Obama but I had not planned to watch it that morning. After a shower I decided to click on the T.V. just to see where things were in the process. I thought about my companions and tried to place each of them in their lives. I figured Sharon, Leslie and Rachel woke up to watch it live. I hoped Cynthia and her class got to watch it live as well as part of a “busy work reprieve”. I figured Clayton was working on Inyo and Henry I placed squarely in his bed deep asleep journeying to Washington DC to usher in the new day - something of a spiritual MC. My thoughts wandered as I got comfortable on my couch. 12 hours later I was STILL on my couch with an encyclopedia full of awareness and feeling. This was one of those honestly fun days. A day that really transcends what you were "supposed" to do and honors what you DID do. The task of relaying a lifetime full of feelings in a single document is impossible – but I hope to relay some of them.

I tuned in to ABC 7's coverage of the event around somewhere between 7am and 8am. Though I was a few hours late I decided to watch my recorded (delayed) version from the start rather than miss what had already transcended. I felt like I wanted to see everything – and I do mean EVERY LITTLE THING. If Obama sneezed I wanted to see it. If Laura Bush slapped George I wanted to see it, if Senators were arguing about the seating arrangements I wanted to see it. The first thing I noticed when I got started was the richness and vibrancy of the light and color of the day... the WHOLE day. D.C. in January is one gloomy ass place (trust me; I have been there many times). The trees tend to be dead, the sky is overcast, and the buildings are drearier than Bush’s personality. But this day was different. Things were bright and fresh in a new kind of way. The colors were full and warm, and the gray sky actually had an artistic romance to it. Charles Gibson, Diane Sawyer, and George Staphanopoulos had the call for ABC. Charles Gibson opened by saying: "I advise you to put your feet up, get some of your favorite drinks, get some of your favorite snacks and stay with us all day long”. I was WAYYY ahead of him. 3/4 of the country watched or listened to this inauguration and I am proud to be counted as one of them.

I thought back on how I wanted to attend the event in person. I looked into it but cost and time restrictions made it completely restrictive. I did enjoy the feeling of wanting to be there but quite honestly watching from home was just perfect. Some of that credit goes to my 65"HDTV but most of it goes to the Spirit of the day. I saw 1.9 million people assembled 1.5 miles deep facing the White House. I don’t claim to fully understand the dynamics of an assembly of this magnitude but the sight alone was awe inspiring. Later in the day they showed the 400,000 people that attended Bush's reelection in 2005 and it was a drop in the bucket compared to this - not on the same scale, not in the same frequency, and not on the same page of world achievement. 12 hours after seeing this image for the first time I was also inspired to hear that not a SINGLE arrest had taken place during the course of the day, not one person had died (for any reason) and the 2~3 medical issues reported were related to the cold, some minor heart trouble, and a woman being clipped by a passenger train. Shit, there were more senators having medial issues at the inaugural lunch! This defies even basic medical statistics and actuality tables for this number of people in a given time span. The protection MUST have been there. Through all the crowding the people looked so happy and inspired. I saw an 80 year old black woman in a mink coat doing the “hokey pokey" with some white punk rockers with nose rings. Never has the generation, age, sex, and race gap been melted down so sufficiently. It really had the feeling of a greater purpose, and it was clearly infectious. The mixed spirit of America was really on display and broadcast for the world to see.

I got teary many times during the day – I can’t remember all of them… Most were for reasons I would not have expected. I was EXTREMELY moved by Barack Obama’s decision to take the Oath on the Lincoln bible (the first to do so since Lincoln himself). I felt like it was such an honoring of the principal and the great courage that made this country great and an example of leadership and individuality. One man CAN change the world. Lincoln did it, and Obama has the opportunity to do it. I was even touched that Michelle Obama carried it out to the platform. I was also moved to tears that Michelle Obama’s mother is moving into the White House with the Obama’s (I told you not all of this makes much sense). I felt a strong family connection there, or something, that I really appreciated. As the procession of past and present leaders (from Bush to Powel) came out I really cried. I had feeling for each of them and I must admit it was the FIRST time I have had any feeling for most (Bush topping that list). I was really able to see them wrapped up in this change and I saw them as part of America and part of the new hope that has swept over the world. Like the day offered a BIG opportunity to surrender and most did. Again I noticed the beauty of the day and the warmth of the light – everyone looked so beautiful.

I watched Obama closely during the day. Starting with his visit to church (which felt included in the surrender of the day) and then on to greet the current president at the Whitehouse. I felt moved that Michel Obama brought Laura Bush a gift (a journal to record her memoirs). The announcer said that is the first time he had seen that. I really noticed Obama reaching out to Bush in spite of the terror he has caused. Almost as if to say; “we can start this as a new day with no grudges”. I think the world really felt that the 20th was a NEW day, Bush felt it, and I felt it. The power of luvv and joy and hope were present and the radiance was so tremendous you could not help but get charged up. This was truly a day for the “achieves of mankind”.

I cried when I saw Bush walk out during the inauguration. I cried when I saw Dick Chaney in a wheel chair. I cried when Magic Johnson said he was ready to “Go to work for Obama”. I cried when I saw the warmth of the day and when Obama and Michele got out of the limo and walked down the street during the celebration parade. I was particularly inspired by the amount of time the Obama’s spend OUTSIDE the limo on the road to the Whitehouse. I thought that was a real demonstration of trust, personal connection, desire to connect with the people, and even physical endurance. With all those feelings and energy whipping through and a 24 hour day of activities it takes work to walk a few miles waving to people.

I was touched that Obama was concerned for Kennedy when he had his seizure, and how honest he was in addressing it. And I REALLY luvved the Neighborhood Ball (the first of many the president attended). The diversity of artists, the feeling in the room and the energy were unmatched – really something to behold. We certainly have a black president (showcased with some nice dance moves), and people really luvv him. Now Obama must take the lead of America and I must take the lead in my own life. Many people count on me for Luvv, encouragement, and ideas. I am given the most powerful tools available in my life and it is time to use them at a new level. When the World hears YES WE CAN, I don’t want to be the only idiot with my arms crossed.

I hope this gives you a flavor of my feelings on this day. I get choked up even writing about the day and I am nervous to have it on the Welcome Clothing website – but these things needed to be said. I hope you enjoyed the quick recall, the day, our company, and our new world.

Eric Carver | President, Welcome Clothing

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